Smart Helmet – Jawwad Patel

Smart Helmet 

Patent No :  381081212015
Inventor :    Jawwad Patel
Applicant  : Jawwad Patel
Behind the Research
I have seen the loss of many innocent and precious lives on a daily basis due to the road accidents which are caused by neglecting the traffic rules. In a developing country  like India where the population is dense, it is difficult to make people follow the rules. Hence an idea struck in my mind and I started to develop a ‘Smart Helmet’ which could save numerous lives daily by avoiding fatal injuries caused by accidents and the technical mechanism forces a rider to wear this protective measure as mentioned that ‘your helmet is your key’ which utterly means that the bike will only be functional with the helmet put on.
I have integrated  the helmet  with many life saving and security features. For instance the main reason people are injured is that they don’t wear a helmet but the  particular helmet I made has a system which allows the rider to switch on the bike only after he/she wears the helmet, the vehicle will not start unless and until the helmet is worn and there’s no escape from it. The second reason accidents take place is because the rider is drunk or he has been using mobile phone while riding the vehicle. To prevent  this, the helmet  consists of multiple sensor system which recognizes the drunk condition of a person and thus it does not allow bike to start. Also, if the biker uses a mobile phone while riding, the helmet triggers a warning and in some cases it switches off the vehicle.
            Theft is one of the major problems we face and therefore, to reduce the theft possibility, the particular helmet  is connected to the vehicle and a mobile phone all the time. The unit mounted onto the vehicle consist of a Passcode lock system which will ensure that the vehicle does not start unless and until you enter the passcode.
Hence this helmet covers most of the problems we face and thus the name depicted  ‘Smart Helmet’, which keeps us safe and our vehicle secure.
Its features include the following applications:
1)    Your helmet is your key.
2) Wear helmet to start the vehicle.
3) Detect human & start the system.
4) Alcohol detection prevents the vehicle to start.
5) Warning for Smoking while riding.
6) Warning on Triple riding.
7) Warning on using mobile phone while riding.
8) Ignition Alert.
9) Accident Alert-send location on emergency no.
10) Over speeding or rash driving alert and control.
11) Anti theft-GPS security system.
12) Mobile Charging Unit.
13) Solar powered.
14) Bluetooth Connectivity.
15) Password Secured.
16) Compatible for all Helmets.
 Product Description (R&D Prototype)
This is a Smart Helmet Kit  which makes  any  helmet smart  by  added security and safety
features which makes sure that the rider is safe and his bike is secure.
    The Smart Helmet Kit consists of two parts, that is the one mounted on the vehicle known
 as  “Transmitter” to collect the  data such as the Gross Weight, Temperature (LM35), Global
Positioning System (GPS)  to provide the  helmet with exact  latitude  and  longitude and  the
other is mounted on the helmet known as  “Receiver” to  receive the data and also to collect
data  such as  alcohol measurements. Both of  these ends interact with each other to keep in
Sync  with  each other and also  the data  from both is  sent to Mobile phone to interact with
helmet and the vehicle for security added purpose and ease of use.
The Smart Helmet Kit consists of the following features –
§   Always-On  :
    The vehicle switches (ignites) on only if the helmet is put on which  ensures that the rider
is wearing helmet every time he rides the vehicle hence providing protection from accidents
This  feature works by  detecting  the ‘Human Passive Heat’  through  ‘PIR’ (Passive Infrared)
sensor which detects the heat generated by the human body.
§   Smoke Detection :
     The helmet  detects if  the rider is smoking  and thus warns  the rider  to  stop  riding the
vehicle. To make this feature work an ‘MQ3′ sensor has been used.
§   Alcohol Detection :
     The helmet  has  an Alcohol detection sensor which  has a very aggressive functioning, If the helmet detects that  the rider is riding  the vehicle after consuming alcohol, it  won’t let the vehicle switch on but if  the rider  consumes it  after the ignition of  vehicle then  it  will Immediately  warn the rider and  if  needed  it will  switch  off  the bike  after  an  10 second period.  This  feature  makes  use of the same  ‘MQ-3′  sensor  used  in the  smoke detection.According to the reports 70% of the  accidents take place due to drunk and drivehence thisfeature prevents an incident from taking place.
§   Restricted use of Mobile Phones :
     Use of mobile phones during driving can result into  most  hazardous accidents and thus to prevent that the helmet  uses ‘ADXL‘ sensor which when using mobile will warn the rider to concentrate on driving rather than using mobile phone.
§   Prevention of Triple Riding  :
    The  bike is meant  for two and  should  only carry two people and hence to ensure that aload sensor is equipped on the bike which restricts triple riding to some extent thus forcing the rider to follow the law and order.
§  Anti-Theft  :
     As we’ve mentioned above that the vehicle ignites only if the helmet is put on and in case of  vehicle theft if the theft ignites the vehicle and the  helmet isn’t  connected to it hence in that  case  the vehicle  sends  the SMS  to mobile that  the vehicle is ignited without wearing helmet and also a buzzer is trip by which we can be alerted that the bike is under an security threat and we can  immediately  take  an action by the integrated  feature which locates the bike through GPS and shows it on mobile phone.
§   Accident Alert :
    An accident can be detected through accelerometer and gyroscope sensor and as soon as it detects the accident it will immediately send an alert SMS and location to your emergency contacts.
§   Bluetooth Connectivity :
    The Helmet, the bike and the mobile phone are always connected  to each other  so  that to keep everything  in synchronization  such as positioning, battery levels, security and ease of use.
§   GPS:
    The GPS  which is also known as  “Global Positioning System”  is integrated on to the bike so that it can be tracked in case of emergency or theft through your mobile phone.
§   Always Connected :
    In case that you’ve lost your helmet or a malfunction occurs, you can ignite your vehicle by sending an SMS to bike through the mobile phone.
§   Password Secured :
    You can ignite the vehicle through password protected system embedded on your bike in case you lose your mobile/helmet or if you need  to hand over your vehicle for repairs and scheduled maintenance.
§   GSM Connectivity :
    The vehicle is  equipped with ‘GSM’ module with which you can insert  regular SIM card and  hence send and receive the instructions through  an easy way. You can even ignite the vehicle by sending “START” from  your mobile phone to the vehicle  in case  you don’t have helmet, you can also switch it  on through  DTMF by  calling to  vehicle and pressing “5” on keypad.
§   Voice Alerted :
    A buzzer is switched on during all the notifications to alert us.
§  20 * 4 Display :
    The kit consists of display mounted on vehicle unit through which you can be alerted of all the notifications and troubleshooting.
§   Battery Backup : 
    The helmet kit consists of non-heat generating high capacity battery to provide hassle free long battery life without the need to charge the helmet now and then.
§   Power on the go :
    Mobile devices  and USB powered  devices  can be charged  easily on the  go with 10Watt power socket integrated on to the vehicle unit.
§   Android Platform Support :
    The  mobile application used  for controlling and  troubleshooting  supports  the Android platform.
§   All Round Compatibility :
    The kit can be installed on all kinds of helmets from different manufacturers and also the vehicle module can be installed on bikes from various manufacturers.
§   Over speeding or rash driving alert and control
     if the biker rides  his vehicle rashly or in over speed the system will gives the warningIndications if the rider won’t decrease down the speed the system automatically decrease the speed to safety norms.