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Patent No : 2016812141023839
Inventor : Jawwad Patel
Applicant : Jawwad Patel
We, as human being are constantly facing the threat of declining amounts of fresh water so much so that people are prepared to pay a premium for a resource that was once readily available for us all in general. The statistics and metrics show a grim picture of what might be in stock ahead. Drawing inspiration and gathering some motivation in the face of this growing water “problem”, Jawwad Patel, the innovator behind this apparatus put pen to paper to draw up a solution, not too apprehensive of the tedious task ahead of designing a prototype that actually functions.
Being at this intersection of ever evolving radical technological innovations and advancements in the world, made Jawwad wonder if such superlative tech at our disposal today could solve this growing problem. He decided to work out the possibility himself and after a prolonged period of “doing the math” and post several trial and error laps, emerged a device that showed promise to shed a ray of hope. It was named, Dewdrop and it emerges from a legacy that propagates to benefit humankind from the convergence of general science and technology – in this case, to satiate one of man’s fundamental needs – Water.
In common man terminology, Dewdrop would essentially be one of its kind “smart and functional” water bottle that fills and refills itself with drinkable water.
Imagine you are hiking in the tough mountainous terrains or being hitched at a jungle camp where water resources is in limited quantities. Now with Dewdrop, you’ll never have to worry about being in a situation where you’ll need to hunt for water, because right at your disposal is Dewdrop that literally makes water, whilst you do just anything. Just take Dewdrop out and quench your thirst!
Dewdrop is based on a revolutionary tech that holds promise to change the way we produce, treat and consume water. The premise of this technology is based on Thompson’s Effect in association with Paltier Effect, but the application of this law in this particular method of producing water from, quite factually, thin air, has been first of its kind. Thin air in this context is being correlated condensed moisture which is sucked in the module through suction via a fan, which passes through chilled alluminium coils, thereby triggering sweating. One breakthrough alteration to the coils meant to improve its performance and efficiency was to coat it with an atom’s layer of graphene. This incredible innovation can wholly be subscribed to Dewdrop.
Dewdrop, a device of 800 grams, is just an minor example of where the incredible technology that’s running in the back end, can be applied, the ideal precedent that we hope to acquire, after evolving this technology and methodology across different spectrum, prime among which is to be able to generate voluminous amounts of clear and clean water, especially in locations where water is limited.
Depending on the conditions, the current technology that mirrors ours, takes about ten times more the time and twice the energy to reach the same output.
Dewdrop is powered by a 12V 6000 mAh Li-Ion battery pack that can be recharged from any power outlet or even via a portable solar device.
Speaking of the tech features added on board, Dewdrop isn’t short of them at all. From sensors to UV lamps and a powerful processor to control all tasks, this device is a perfect precedent of the amalgamation of technology that pursues its essential function.
The on board tech features sensors able to sync in data of various parameters like, Humidity (atmospheric), Temperature, Dew point and Lux levels. The water that is produced as an end result that will be quite safe to drink. The result is ensured by UV lamp fixtures that kill any bacteria present in the water.
Contrary to what might seem like a convoluted and a complex device, Dewdrop has been designed to be a plug ‘n’ play one with an easy interface that also allows the user to select his/her water temperature preference.
Given the on board features, functionality and ease of use, being extremely portable and eco-friendly, makes Dewdrop a must-have for all, especially those who face the ever deepening and unforgiving challenge – seeking clean and fresh water.
We tap almost all of our fresh resources except probably the most obvious and most renewable source our atmosphere, our atmosphere is filled with water vapor, which we have tried to tap by developing a small , efficient and cost – effective unit called dewdrop, “WHICH CAN PULL THE WATER VAPOR OUT OF THE ATMOSPHERE AND CONVERT IT INTO FRESH,DRINKABLE AND PURE WATER THROUGH THE PROCESSS OF CONDENSATION”
Water scarcity is a major problem in the world. It affects one in three people, almost 1.2 billion people live in places where water is physically scarce. At the same time, water vapor makes up more than 6% of the atmosphere. This through calculation gives about 10,000 billion liters (about 2,600 billion gallons) in the bottom kilometer (about 0.6 miles) of air around the world.
Through the Dewdrop, we are trying to tap this water, through the simple process of condensation. for this, we use the peltier effect in collaboration with thompson with graphene coated coil. Using this, which produce heat on one side and cool on the other when a potential difference is created. We are utilizing this cold side to condense atmospheric moisture to obtain water in the liquid state
This device also could only cause a negligible difference in humidity, as the percentage of water vapor it can exploit is limited to hardly 3.85% of the total percentage. we are aiming at a self sustained atmospheric water generator running on photovoltaic cells.
the collection of water from just plain air. We are basically condensing the moisture out of the atmosphere, without any effects on the environment.
If we can artificially induce condensation, we can capture the water vapor in the atmosphere, and convert it into a liquid , potable form which can be used almost free of cost
Therefore, we would be using an unexploited and safe source of water to help ease the water shortage faced by millions of people around the world.

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