Chapter III

My First Date!

– Jawwad Patel

“Road Rash” was one of the legendary PC I have ever seen. I was very fascinated about the bike graphics that they have used in the game. It was so identical to the older version of Bajaj Pulsar.
This is the reason why my brain is more inclined towards Bajaj Pulsar. I kept STALKING Pulsars all the time, while coming from school or going to the market. Since the time I was in school, I started saving money from my little pocket money to buy Bajaj Pulsar.

I use to keep money safe in my Old White Computer’s CD-Writer’s tray and would open/close by using the “Eject” button. I loved doing this all the time as it made me feel like it’s high end security locker kind of thing.
One day Bajaj Automobiles launch a new model with more canopies and LED tail lamp! it was eye candy for me! I kept Stalking and observing pulsar all the time even in my out station tours.
On one occasion, I observed that the back LED light of my eye candy was blowing down constantly. It was like one and half out of the two strips was working and the other half was blowing down. It was not only happening in one but it was like a cancer for all the Pulsars.

Every second pulsar I observed was having the same issue. Then I decided to schedule a Date with Her…
I dressed up nicely, took my tool box and multi-meter and went to pick her up at her place.
I brought 1 litre of petrol for her and two 5-star chocolates for myself. We both went for a beautiful long drive.
It is then that I asked her, out of great love and concern: “What is exactly happening? Why are your LED back lights blowing off?”
She replied to me (innocently): “It’s not much of my fault but more of the rider.”
I was like: “What! How?”
She was like: “When you people put your foot on rear brake paddle, I get 12 voltage direct from battery throw my buffer circuit. Then when you ignite the engine at the same time, I get reverse saturation current due to which the current remains constant and the voltage increases slightly with increase in temperature. My buffer is not much compatible for this scenario so unfortunately this is happening.”
I looked into it immediately and I found the same reason.
I started falling for her more. I wanted to help her.
So then, I soldered some extra diode and resister in the installed buffer circuit and suddenly I realized I was running out of time.
Time passed so quickly, I guess that happens when you enjoy some ones company! We had already spent like almost three hours together.
I dropped her to her place and I went back to mine.
I asked my dad if we could write or go to Bajaj Automobile Production Industry. He was like: “Yes, we can! Let me find its address.” After a week, we found the address somewhere in Pune, Maharashtra.
I wrote a letter to them about this incident that happened with my revised buffer circuit diagram. After a couple of months, we received a letter from them with appreciation and greetings.
I was supremely happy that day because I helped someone I loved.
She said: “Thank you. You saved life of many LEDs.”
I wanted to share my story to show how observation plays a very important role in my life.
Be an absolute observer and you have the whole world in need to be corrected.